Jardim das Oliveiras

Welcome to the restaurant Jardim das Oliveiras, visit us and make a voyage in time. Return to the past remembering flavors and aromas of traditional dishes confecionados as at the time of our grandparents, make a voyage its infancy.

Can find us in the Serra de Monchique dominated the quiet. Nothing better than the contact with nature and the absence noise characteristic of urban centers.

While you enjoy a good meal, your children can enjoy a natural environment where there are slides, swings, as well as bed nets placed along the olive grove.

Our food

The restaurant Jardim das Oliveiras essentially presents the rich cuisine dishes serrana, with predominantly local food, ham, sausages, baked in a wood oven, hunting, among others, that form the traditional homemade recipes.

Smoking area

If smoking does not need to go outside the restaurant, to enjoy your cigarette, we have a special room so you can relax in comfort and enjoy your cigarette.

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