In the Jardim das Oliveiras can not fail to prove the wonders of gastronomy serrana, cooked in the wood oven in the old and our unique entries.

The restaurant Jardim das Oliveiras essentially presents the rich cuisine dishes serrana, with predominantly local food, ham, sausages, baked in a wood oven, hunting and other, that form the traditional homemade recipes such as:

•   Beans with rice and chestnuts

•   Beans with pasta

•   Corn with beans

•   Chickpeas

•   Chickpeas with rice or pasta

•   Cabbage

•   Boar

•   Pork and Lamb

•   Steak Diana, Pepper steak

•   Crepes Flambiados

•   Other specialties of the cuisine of the Serra de Monchique

Most dishes are cooked in the fire or wood stove.